UCD Emeriti - Donald C. Swain

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Professor Emeritus, Donald C. Swain, studied 20th Century American History, however, early in his career he went into Administration. He was Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, then Vice President of the University. He then became President of the University of Kentucky.

Interviewed by Wilson Smith, Professor Emeritus of History.

Recorded 07/26/2002.

Dream Shadows

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Dreams are a declaration of self versus self robbery. They're shadows, in-between what has been and what will be. 'Dream Shadows' is a film that sees, through the eyes of seven year old Trent Brewer, what it's like to grow up on America's poorest Indian reservation and still hold on to truth. His tribe are the Lakota. Their dreams, visions, hopes, history and heartaches remain what they've always been, the roots of the tree of life.

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