Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Jan'17

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(1) The death of a chief on the Pacific island of Pohnpei near the megalithic temple of Nan Madol prompts a big funeral.  After a lifetime of humility, the whole village honors the deceased and his contribution with a feast of the best pigs, yams and sakau.  (2) In 2004, a boat covered by thick sediment emerged from the bottom of the Rhone River.  Rapidly ranked a French national treasure, this still-laden big barge, one of the best ever preserved from Roman times, is the subject of a highly important archaeological project.

The 23rd annual City of Davis Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

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 “Justice Everywhere: Speaking Up For JUSTICE in a Climate of Intolerance” 
Commemorating the life and accomplishments of Dr. King for civil rights, peace and nonviolence.   
Keynote speaker Garth Lewis, musician Aleta Ballinger, children of the Parents of African American Children Davis group,  a talk by Jessa Rae Growing Thunder, musician Marque Cass, and the Davis Freedom Singers.
Recorded January 16, 2017 at the Davis Varsity Theater by Davis Media Access.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Dec'16

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(1) Only 100 people still live on tiny Mwoakilloa atoll in the Pacific, but the Mwokilese community on nearby Pohnpei still performs the traditional dances of their home island.  The young Mwokilese men prepare for the cultural day festivities, keeping their ancient traditional war dance alive.  (2) Archaeobotanist Tania Valamoti and her team excavating at Dikili Tash in northern Greece are finding and analyzing seed remains from the Neolithic period.  These seeds could help define how the ancient Neolithic people grew their food.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Nov'16

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(1) Archaeologists dive on Marigondon Cave, best known as one of the most famous diving spots in Cebu City, Philippines. It would have been above sea level during the last glacial periods of 22,000 and 38,000 BP so it could have been inhabited then. (2) Archaeologists carried out excavations over the summer of 2014 on the route to bypass Cannington, a town in West Somerset, England. They found the remains of three Roman buildings, including a high-status villa complete with under-floor heating and evidence of painted wall plaster and a slate roof.