UCD Emeriti - J. Bruce Glassburner

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J. Bruce Glassburner.

Interviewed by Peter H. Lindert.

Recorded 06/01/1995.

Produced by Harry Kohl.

UCD Emeriti - F. Wilson Smith

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F. Wilson Smith.

Interviewed by Richard W. Gable.

Recorded 04/13/1995.

Produced by Harry Kohl.

UCD Emeriti - Richard D. Cramer

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Richard D. Cramer.

Interviewed by Harvey Himelfarb.

Recorded 04/13/1995.

Produced by Herb Kohl.

UCD Emeriti - Constant C. Delwiche

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Constant C. Delwiche.

Interviewed by Michael J Singer.

Interviewed 03/24/1994.

Produced by Harry Kohl.

In The Studio - Green Road Markings

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Lois Richter hosts Dave "DK" Kemp, Active Transportation Coordinator, City of Davis.

topics discussed include: 5th street corridor's new lane markings with green bike lanes. There has been a lot of confusion as to what they mean. Slides illustrate the variety of markings and specific meanings.

In The Studio - Water Conservation in Davis

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Jeff Shaw hosts Jennifer Gilbert, Conservation Coordinator, City of Davis Public Works.

topics discussed include: we are in a Stage 3 water drought, tips on reducing water usage and how the city has programs to help residents conserve.

In The Studio - Spoofing, Scams & Fraud

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Lin Weaver hosts Derek-David Soriano and Paul Hillegass, Yolo County District Attorney Office Investigators.

Twitter: #yoloda

topics discussed include: the most common types of fraud and scams, latest occurrences and how they have affected the community, and an overview of services and programs provided by the DA office to protect citizens, including some prevention tips.

To report fraud in Yolo County: 1-855-496-5632 or  fraud @

In The Studio - Davis Farm to School

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Lin Weaver hosts Beth Harrison, Executive Director of Yolo County "Farm to Fork" and Dorothy Peterson, Chairperson of "Farm to School."

topics discussed include: their mission, bringing quality, local food to the schools, teaching the students about good nutrition.  Providing hands-on experience growing healthy food, changing unhealthy habits through education, and helping to bring benefits to the local economy.

UCD Emeriti - JoAn Skinner

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JoAn Skinner.

Interviewed by Douglas Minnis.

Recorded on 03/08/2013.

UCD Emeriti - John D. Ayer

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John D. Ayer.

Interviewed by Joel Dobris.

Recorded on 04/16/2013.


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