In The Studio - Making The News

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Lin Weaver hosts Amber Boydstun Assistant Professor of Political Sciences at UC Davis and the author of several books on understanding the news media.

In The Studio - KDRT 95.7 LPFM

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Lin Weaver hosts Craig Blomberg, Chair of the KDRT Steering Committee, Doug Kelly, Programmer and Steering Committe member, and Jim Buchanan, Remote Recording Manager.

Topics discussed include: the station's programs, mission, and opportunities for training and hands on professional experience.

In The Studio - Vegetables: Fresh-Canned-Frozen

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Lin Weaver hosts Christine Bruhn and Diane Barrett, UC Davis professors and Cooperative Extension Specialists in the Food Science and Technology Department. 

Topics include: nutritional comparison of the value of fresh, frozen, and canned produce, and a demo of how to wash and preserve the produce.

In The Studio - Explorit!

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Lin Weaver hosts Lars Anderson, Ph.D President, Explorit.

Topics discussed include: The October 19th 30 year Celebration of the Center; innovative, interactive science programs for children; traveling programs to local schools; and summer science programs.

In The Studio - Compassion

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Lin Weaver hosts David Breaux, Surveyor and Journalist.

Topics discussed include: the Compassion Corner and the Compassion Bench in Davis, as well as readings from David Breaux's book, a compilation of over 3000 entries on compassion collected at random from passersby on the corner of C and 3rd streets.

In The Studio - Radiation Reality

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Alex Silva-Sadder, hosts Brian Hanley, scientist and author of 'Radiation Exposure and Its Treatment.'

brian.hanley at ieee dot org

In The Studio - Davis Art Center

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Lin Weaver hosts Rachel Hartsough, Creatve Director, and Shelly Gilbride, Special Projects Coordinator, of the Davis Art Center.

Topics discussed include: Momentum: Art in Action/Creativity in Motion, a new art exhibit at the Davis Art Center.


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