In The Studio - The Citizens Academy

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Lin Weaver hosts Jonathan Raven, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County DA's Office, and Cyrus Soltani, Academy participant.

topics discussed include: mission and goals of the academy, including the syllabus and eligibility for enrollment.

In The Studio - Honor Flight

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Shannon Segall hosts Francis Resta, Word World II veteran and participant in Honor Flight, a non-profit that flies veterans to the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC.

topics discussed include: the need for support of this organization, the increasing numbers of WWII veterans passing, how Honor Flight raises money to cover the costs of getting veteran's to see the memorial before they pass, and Francis' experiences.

Meet The Producers - The Goblin Song

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Today we profile DaVinci High graduate Nora Unkel and her NYU Tisch School of the Arts senior thesis film project, The Goblin Song.  It is being filmed locally utilizing lots of local resources and volunteers. We also speak with Bonnie Wolstoncraft, Nora's mother who is serving as the local Production Coordinator here in Davis.

SCRAMBLED! - 501 Brick Squad String Band

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Nora and Chris host the 501 Brick Squad String Band as they make their television debut.  The band drops three exclusive singles here at the studio and share their inspiration for their music.

In The Studio - Logos Books

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Lin Weaver hosts Susan Linz, owner Logos Books.

Topics discussed include: the concept behind Logos Books as a non-profit, the history of Logos Books, the charities supported by donations from its operations, and Logos serving as a cultural center for the community.

In The Studio - Birding with Terry Colburn

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Lin Weaver hosts Terry Colburn, Birding Expert.

Topics discussed include: events sponsored by the Yolo Basin Foundation, Terry's guided tours and fields trips, as well as photos and video clips.

Populist Dialogues - 13-49 - Community rights lawyer asks: “Regulate or Ban?” Part 2

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Thomas Linzey, Exec Dir of Community Environment Legal Defense Fund ( continues his presentation regarding how the regulatory system functions to control you, not the industry it purportedly regulates. He notes that the question of who decides has been centralized but people are learning how to resist. And discusses how we have been boxed in and the doctrines that accomplice that. Several examples of how people have resisted, a resistance which started in rural Pennsylvania, moved to New England, Philadelphia and internationally to Ecuador.

Populist Dialogues - 13-48 - Community rights lawyer asks: “Regulate or Ban?” Part 1

This episode is currently not viewable online.

This program features an address by Thomas Linzey, Exec Director of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund ( on how we have gotten to the situation we find ourselves in and how using the regulatory system to escape that situation has failed. Why? Because the regulations were written by those who are supposed to be regulated. Tom goes on to address how English Common Law and the US Constitution have been used to establish the regulatory system and corporate power. And looks at the use of preemptive law to limit local democracy.

Populist Dialogues - 13-47 - So Rich, So Poor

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Host David Delk talks with Rev. Kate Lore, Social Justice Minister for the First Unitarian Church in Portland. The detrimental effects of the ever increasing economic and social inequalities in the United States today are expressed through Kate Lore's personal experiences as well as scientific studies. Thoughts on what we do to address these issues are presented.


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