In The Studio - News Network: Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Jeff Hudson, Reporter for the Davis Enterprise.

jhudson at davisenterprise dot net

topics discussed include: the past election, Measure P, the upcoming school board elections, the Shakespeare Festival, and the Davis Music Festival among other things.

In The Studio - Who Is John Lescroart?

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Lin Weaver hosts John Lescroart, international best-selling author.

topics discussed include: the author as a man, musician, songwriter and singer, as well as memories from his childhood.

Populist Dialogues - 14-13 - Labelling GMOs

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Host David Delk talks with Julia Degraw, NW Organizer with Food & Water Watch, on the Oregon initiative campaign to label foods which contain GMOs in Oregon. Julia reviews what GMOs are, how they are different from seed saving and hybridization; what happened during the special session of the Oregon legislature; how two local Oregon county campaigns turned out and more.

First broadcast June 15, 2014

Populist Dialogues - 14-12 - Project Censored

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Project Censored’s faculty adviser, Nolan Higdon, talks about the current condition of corporate news media and the need for alternative news sources. He describes how Project Censored got started following the Watergate scandal; how they pick stories for their annual report on the 25 most censored news stories and why a non-corporate owned media is important for a fully functioning democracy.

Populist Dialogues - 14-11 - Nature's Trust Law

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Guest Mary Wood, Faculty Director of the University of Oregon Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program, speaks with us about the use of nature trust law to bring us back from the fossil fuel induced environmental tipping point. She notes that our elected leaders as well as our regulatory agencies have been captured by the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel industries. Now we use he third branch of government to protect the environment.

In The Studio - Creating New TV

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Bryce Parker, TV Producer and Director, and Ruth Chambers, TV and Radio Producer.

topics discussed include: The Rectangular Age and The Chambers Street Theatre, producing local TV and radio, future of media production.

In The Studio - Grace in Action

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Mary Lou Rossetto, Director, Grace in Action.

In The Studio - Bohart Museum

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Lynn Kimsey, Ph.D., Director, and Steven Heydon, Collection Manager, both of the Bohart Museum of Entomology.


Populist Dialogues - 14-10 - Wolf-PAC for a Constitutional Amendment, Money is Not Free Speech

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Colby Clipston, Oregon Director of Wolf-PAC, speaks with host David Delk on the need for a 28th Constitutional Amendment stating that money is not speech. Wolf-PAC works to achieve that goal by pressuring the state legislatures to pass resolutions applying for an Article V constitutional convention to achieve their goal.

First broadcast May 4, 2014


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