Populist Dialogues - Why Not Nuclear? The Case Against Nuclear Power

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Guest David Hill is a volunteer working with Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility on their program to stop the use of nuclear power. He delivers a modified version of his power point presentation: “Why Not Nuclear? The Case Against Nuclear Power.” He provides a broad overview of how nuclear works (fission vs fusion), the environmental and health dangers of nuclear energy, discussion of Fukushima and the Columbia Generating Station at Hanford and why it needs to be closed down.

Populist Dialogues - Our last hope, Natures Trust Law

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Guest Mary Wood, Faculty Director of the University of Oregon Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program, speaks with us about the use of nature trust law to bring us back from the fossil fuel induced environmental tipping point. She notes that our elected leaders as well as our regulatory agencies have been captured by the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel industries. Now we use he third branch of government to protect the environment.

Populist Dialogues - Opposing the Privatization of US Postal Service

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Guest Jamie Partridge, a member of Portland Communities and Postal Workers United and a retired postal worker himself, discusses the efforts of the upper echelons of the US Postal Service to privatize the service and the efforts of communities impacted by such efforts united with postal officers to prevent that from happening.

Populist Dialogues - The Perils of Our Growing Inequality

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The Perils of Our Growing Inequality

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston speaks about his newest book, Divided, The Perils of Our Growing Inequality. David was at the First Unitarian Church in May and this is an edited version of his presentation.

First broadcast September 7, 2014

Category: News & Politics

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4th Annual UN Day of Sport for Development and Peace - Davis Celebration

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Brenda Brumfield-Ross, Northern California Representative, Sister Cities International (, hosts guests:

Pelton Stewart, President of Sister Cities Commission, Vallejo, CA

Attorney Charles A. Bonner, CEO of Bonergies Global Charitable Fund

Ronald Scott, Member Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., NAACP & Sister Cities Vallejo

In The Studio - Who Is My Dad?

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Lin Weaver hosts Joanne Scheib, UC Davis Psychology Adjunct Professor.

topics discussed include: who benefits from it, overall significance on children & adults conceived by artificial insemination & the finding of a study showing more than 1/3rd of donor conceived adults want to know who their donor is.

Recorded 03/16/17.

In The Studio - Big Blue Barn Landfill Thrift Store

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Martha Teeter hosts Pamela Hendrick, Waste Reduction Recycling Coordinator, Yolo County.

topics discussed include: diversion of 15 tons of waste to thrift store, donations besides staff, pulling things out of trash, open times for buying, 7 days a week for donations, acceptable and unacceptable donations.

Recorded 03/16/17.