In The Studio - The Art Theatre of Davis

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Ashley Woodbury hosts Timothy Nutter, Artistic Director, The Art Theatre of Davis, and John McLean, Actor.

topics discussed: start-up commuinity theatre: The Art Theatre of Davis talks about their community and choices to perform modern classics.

In The Studio - Third Space

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Pieter Pastoor hosts Lauren Cole Norton, Director of Third Space.

topics dicussed include: the mission and inspiration for Third Space, history, what is is about and what is happening there now.

In The Studio - SacSings! The Sacramento Choral Festival

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Lin Weaver hosts Dick Frantzreb, Executive Director of SacSings! The Sacramento Choral Festival, and David Loofbourrow, Board Member of the Sacramento Valley Choral Coalition.

topics discussed include: SacSings!, the choral festival June 13th-15th, bringing together 20 choruses, a thousand singers for eight concerts.

UCD Emeriti - Clifford A. Bernd

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Clifford A. Bernd.

Interviewed by Gale Finney.

Recorded on 05/02/2012.


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