UCD Emeriti - James D MacDonald

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James D. MacDonald.

Interviewed by Davis M. Rizzo.

Recorded on 07/29/2014.

UCD Emeriti - Griselda Castro

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Griselda Castro.

Interviewed by Andrea Gaytan.

Recorded on 05/30/2014.

UCD Emeriti - Donald Benson

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Donald Benson.

Interviewed by Donald Chakarian.

Recorded on 06/18/2013.

UCD Emeriti - David Anderson

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David Anderson.

Interviewed by Karleen Darr and Lynette Hart.

Recorded on 09/11/2013.

UCD Emeriti - Joseph Silva

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Joseph Silva.

Interviewed by Hibbard Williams.

Recorded on 09/04/2013.

In The Studio - UC Davis Experimental College

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Rhoda Coscetti, Director, Dr. Erin Melcon, Operations Advisor, and Dr. Richard Schubert, Chair of the Advisory Board, all three of the UC Davis Experimental College.

topics discussed include: what led to the financial crisis and demise of the Experimental College, how they overhauled it to get it back up and running, its current success and future plans.

In The Studio - Sterling Anderson: A Writer's Roots

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Sterling Norman Anderson, film & television writer, and Davis resident.

topics discussed include: growing up in Davis, the college years and ambitions, a successful career as winemaker, going to Hollywood, struggles and successes, what it is like in a TV show's writer's room, the discipline of daily writing, stories from the sets, future plans, and much more...

UCD Emeriti - Carol Bruch

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Carol Bruch.

Interviewed by Margaret Mary Durkin.

Recorded on 09/23/2013.

UCD Emeriti - Barbara Schneemen

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Barbara Schneemen.

Interviewed by Louis Grivette.

Recorded on 09/25/2013.

UCD Emeriti - James Shakelford

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James Shakelford.

Interviewed by Subhash Risbud.

Recorded on 10/24/2014.


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