In The Studio - Climb Every Mountain

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Lin Weaver hosts Tim Townsend, a Davis Resident who has climbed every highest mountain in the United States.

Topics discussed: How Tim successfully climbed the highest peak of every mountain in the State of the Union, including Denali's Mount McKinley. Tim also talks about his mountaineering technique, passion and future endeavors . Photos will be shown during the interview.

In The Studio - Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD)

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Darrick Servis hosts Brian Lavender, member, Bill Kendrick, co-founder, John Reed, vice president, and Eric Engelhard, member, all of the Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD).

topics discussed include: celebrating 15 years, open source software, members backgrounds, and LUGOD's origin and purpose.

In The Studio - Mosaic Tea & Coffee

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Lin Weaver hosts Miriam Rocke, Shannon Ramsey, and Amanda Kimball, volunteers at Mosaic Tea & Coffee.

Topics discussed include: what is Mosaic Tea & Coffee, non-profit social enterprises, and job training for adult with disabilities.

In The Studio - Brewing Beer Locally

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Jeff Shaw hosts Trenton Yackzan, Operations Manager at Sudwerk Brewery, and Mike Hutson, Head Brewer.

Topics discussed include: history of Sudwerk, the UC Davis Master Brewers Program, and craft beer brewing, including behind the scenes at Sudwerk.

In The Studio - Teens in the Media

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Ashley Hamlin, DMA programming intern, and Nora Filet, producer of Scrambled.

Topics discussed include: personal backgrounds, how found out about DMA, what they have been working on, challenges, people they admire, and future plans.

SCRAMBLED! - Filmmakers of Tomorrow

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Nora talks with local filmmaker Blake Lyon and welcomes co-host Chris Garrison to the show. There is also a rare exclusive special guest appearance by Oscar contender Dylan McElligott, who reviews Rust Within Olympus.

In The Studio - Yolo Bypass Floodplain Research

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Lin Weaver hosts Carson Jeffres, UC Davis Fish Ecologist.

Topics discussed include: the salmon and rice field work being done in the flood plains of the Yolo Bypass.

In The Studio - Trans Pacific Partnership

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Lin Weaver hosts Jim Leonard, local activist, Nancy Price, activist and author, and Nick Buxton communications consultant and activist.

Topics discussed include: the alarming lack of tranparency about the negotiations leading to the agreement. Including the fast track legislation. 

Populist Dialogues - 13-37 A Personal History of the John Birch Society

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Claire Conner, author of Wrapped In The Flag, speaks at the First Unitarian Church about her new book and her history as the daughter of two original John Birch Society members in Chicago. She talks about being the youngest member at age 13 and how she came to realize the true character of the society, causing her to change into a liberal critic and activist. She warns that the John Birch Society continue to live on in the Tea Party today and other far right organizations and the importance of being united against the far right.


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