Davisville May 11, 2020 with Madison Suoja & Laura Sanchez, Davis Food Co-op

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Bill Buchanan talks with Madison Suoja & Laura Sanchez of the Davis Food Co-op, about working during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has closed or curtailed most stores, with the Davis Food Co-op and other grocers among the few exceptions. So what has it been like to work in the Co-op during the pandemic? Has the experience changed as shoppers adjusted to new conditions, are there insights here as other Davis stores prepare to re-open, and why are flour and toilet paper rarely on the shelves?

Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson on 'How Your City's Built Environment Affects Your Health'

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Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson Speaks on City Planning for Healthier Communities.

He talks about the "Health Benefits of a Good City Plan"

Dr. Richard Jackson, MD is the Retired Director of the Centers for Disease Control's Center for Environmental Health

Hosted by Davis Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Partida

In The Studio - Lead4Tomorrow

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Lin Weaver hosts Greg Bourne, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Lead4Tomorrow.

topics discussed include: mission of strong, healthy families, guest's background that lead to creating lead4tomorrow, models of leadership, positive parenting program, family hui, east african partnerships, strategies for the future, fundraising.

Recorded 06/13/19.

Wine Country at Work - Wine Country and Climate Change

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This is a three part episode where Ralph DeAmicis, host and wine tour guide talks about the strategies that growers in Napa and Sonoma are using to adapt to the climate change that they have been measuring for many years. The second segment is about how ride sharing has changed wine country. The third segment is about the ongoing series on BioDynamics. Produced in September 2017.