House & Garden

The Garage - Tea Lights

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Need a housewarming gift? Need 100 housewarming gifts? Got a table saw? Steve will show you how to set up jigs and make a production run of his Tea Lights. All you need if a few scraps of wood and aluminum, and you're on the way to making a gift for everyone you know!

The Garage - Rustic Chair

This episode is currently not viewable online.

In this episode, Steve builds a rustic chair. He'll show you how you can take a few sticks of maple wood and a few simple tools, and create an old-fashioned chair with a modern twist. Then he'll guide you through the process of creating the woven Shaker-style seat.

In The Studio - Yolo Visions Cares for Eyes

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Autumn Labbé-Renault hosts Don Rudisill, Huei Young and Dr. David T. Kira.

Discussion centers on “Garden Vision 2012,” an annual fundraiser that helps provide eye exams and eyeglasses for Yolo County children and older adults in need. For the past two years, Young has opened her spectacular Asian garden to contributors.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to Medical Vision Technology (MVT) doctors David Kira, MD, and William Wagner, OD, who conduct the exams and provide eyeglasses.