In The Studio - Spoofing, Scams & Fraud

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Lin Weaver hosts Derek-David Soriano and Paul Hillegass, Yolo County District Attorney Office Investigators.

Twitter: #yoloda

topics discussed include: the most common types of fraud and scams, latest occurrences and how they have affected the community, and an overview of services and programs provided by the DA office to protect citizens, including some prevention tips.

To report fraud in Yolo County: 1-855-496-5632 or  fraud @

In The Studio - Sterling Anderson: A Writer's Roots

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Sterling Norman Anderson, film & television writer, and Davis resident.

topics discussed include: growing up in Davis, the college years and ambitions, a successful career as winemaker, going to Hollywood, struggles and successes, what it is like in a TV show's writer's room, the discipline of daily writing, stories from the sets, future plans, and much more...

The Road to Recovery - Understanding Diverse Cultures

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This show will underscore the need to understand the culture of specific communities as critical to success in providing recovery services.  Overcoming language barriers and appreciating the health-related beliefs and practices held by various diverse communities is becoming increasingly important with the rapidly changing demographics in our nation.  A "community" is defined here broadly, encompassing racial and ethinic groups as well as other clearly defined groups such as faith communities and military families.

Urban Flow

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Adam Magyar is a Hungarian photographer based in Berlin who is creating a stir in the international photography world by combining still photography and video in a way that explores the density and anonymity of urban life. His premiere work, called Urban Flow, combines multiple images of pedestrians into very long panoramas.

Newspaper Story

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1950 film that depicts the steps in the completion of a newspaper story from recording the incident through the taking & finishing of pictures, writing, editing, setting in type, printing the paper & distributing it are depicted. Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc. in collaboration with Kenneth E. Olson, LL.D, Northwestern University. From the Prelinger Archives.

Painting Journeys - Working Farm pt1, San Gigmanino, Tuscany, Italy

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“Working Farm” San Gigmanino, Tuscany, Italy

This painting portrays a small glimpse of a farm and winery that has been in the family since the 1800s. Just outside the arched door sits the wagon made from branches and a huge wine tun ready for tasting.


“Painting Journeys” with Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, is an intimate journey on canvas to various destinations Ms. Klich has traveled. The one hour program features Ms. Klich painting the location, in oils, as she shares her painting process and tells the viewer about her experiences on that journey.