Parent University 2013-14 - Mike Riera

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Davis Parent University presents 'An Evening with Mike Riera, PhD.'

Moderated by Pamela Wu, recorded on December 6th, Brunelle Theatre, Davis High School.

Mike's latest book "Staying Connected To Your Teen" is a follow up to "Uncommon Sense For Parents With Teenagers." Mike's philosophy is, "parents need to shift from being managers, to being consultants with their teens."

In the Studio - Spectra Magazine

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Patrick Shearer hosts Shelby Ziccardi and Elsa Young of Spectra Magazine.

Topics discussed include: what is Spectra (a magazine about community stories and connectedness), what goes into producing an issue (permissions, copyright, editing, layout), who is involved (15 people in various roles), transitioning from online to print (yes against the grain!) and how they're building an audience.

Parent University 2013 - Madeline Levine, PhD

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"While we all hope that our children will do well in school, we hope with even greater fervor that they will do well in life. Our job is to help them know and appreciate themselves deeply, to be resilient in the face of adversity, to approach the world with zest, to find work that is satisfying, friends and spouses who are loving and loyal, and to hold a deep belief that they have something meaningful to contribute to the world."

-Madeline Levine, PhD

The Road to Recovery - Ready, Willing and Able To Work: Employment for People in Recovery

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Panelists: Davis Berns, Director, District of Columbia Department of Human Services; Gary Bond, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Pschiatric Rehabilitation research, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center; Peggy Burns, LCADC, EAP Counselor, Employee Assistance Program, University of Maryland Medical Center; Neil Vazquez-Rowland, President, A Safe Haven

Information Stories: Conclusion - by Peter M Shane

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Peter M. Shane – Information Stories: Conclusion

The organizer of "Information Stories" explains what 1964 taught him about the connection between information and democracy, and offers suggestions how viewers of "Information Stories" can take action to improve news and information flow in their local communities.

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Trans-Formation by Phuong N Tseng

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Phuong N. Tseng – Trans-formation

An 18-year-old "queer educator" from San Francisco describes her motivation for, and the importance of, bringing attention within the gay community to the issues of transgender persons, even though she does not identify as transgender.

See also: Information Stories Collection Description