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Trump flip flops on five core issues in one week:

1. Chinese currency manipulation.

2. Fed bubble finance and not reappointing Yellen. 3.Export-Import Bank subsidies to Boeing and GE.

4. NATO’s obsolescence.

5. Intervening on both sides of Syrian and Afghanistan civil wars.

Bill O'Reilly finally fired.

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago of LA's Assembly bill to raise standard of proof in cops lying cases

from "more likely than not" to "clear and convincing".

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy. $123 billion in debt compared to Detroit's $18 billion. $74 billion in bond debt and $49 billion in pension debt. First territory to declare bankruptcy and largest government bankruptcy in history of U.S.

Rand Paul: "Budget deal should be renamed Status Quo Protection Act."

FBI Director James Comey calls Wikileaks intelligence porn...echoes CIA Director Mike Pompeo's attacks on Julian Assange.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard introduces Federal cannabis decriminalization bill.

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Susan Rice allegedly "unmasked" Trump mentions in intelligence surveillance records.

The Gorsuch nomination and the Democratic filibuster.

Real border wall losers - ranchers, homeowners and taxpayers through exercise of eminent domain.

DHS Secretary John Kelly says airport searches of cell phones will continue.

Yale School of Medicine Professor Gordon Shepard says drinking wine gives brain a workout, engaging brain more than music or solving math equations. But you must swallow.

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John McCain says Rand Paul is a Putin operative for objecting to Montenegro NATO membership.

Trump's taxes - at 25% in year leaked, more that Bernie's. Media's focus is on whether Trump was the leaker.

Political operative Roger Stone victim of hit and run, he thinks it may have been an assassination attempt especially after he was recently poisoned also.

LA County Sheriff's Department spending $300,000 to switch from silver to gold colored belt buckles. Both are actually brass.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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The grey market epitomized by Uber v. taxis, Air B&B v. Hilton and Amazon v. Macys.

FDA regulations of E-cigs.

Death from painkillers down 25% in legal marijuana states

Attorney General Jeff Sessions making noises about enhanced drug enforcement and disparaging comments about marijuana.

Justin Amash R-MI, Tom Garrett R-VA, Ed Blumenauer D-OR, Tulsi Gabbard D-HI, Scott Taylor R-VA & Don Young R-AK co-sponsoring "Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Trump's speech to Congress; Increased spending on defense, the drug war and infrastructure. No change in social welfare spending other than ObamaCare repeal and replace and cutting back regulatory agencies like EPA but not nearly enough spending cuts to pay for the proposed spending increases. Pipeline construction will almost certainly make liberal use of eminent domain. Is strong vetting a precursor to real ID and civil liberties and privacy violations? Are Iran sanctions a first step toward war? The Yemen raid was a success?

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Trump OKs Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

Trump pushes for immediate start to building the Mexican wall.

Trump move for immediate restrictions on immigration from Islamic countries.

Trump cancels TPP, starts disengagement from NAFTA and signals "America First" trade policies. China's immediate response is rattling ICBMs. Next is a probable devaluation of the yuan.

All of the above will probably release the inflation dragon.

Interior nominee, Ryan Zinke believes in climate change, Teddy Roosevelt progressive.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Show Three, More Good, Bad and Ugly


Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, at least he's actually lived in government housing.

Energy, Rick Perry, Even though he forgot he forgot he wanted to abolish the department, he is from Texas and does know something about energy. waffles on climate change.


UN Nikki Haley, already criticizing UN on it's stance on Israel, claims Russia guilty of war crimes in Syria.