Libertarian Counterpoint

Trump's speech to Congress; Increased spending on defense, the drug war and infrastructure. No change in social welfare spending other than ObamaCare repeal and replace and cutting back regulatory agencies like EPA but not nearly enough spending cuts to pay for the proposed spending increases. Pipeline construction will almost certainly make liberal use of eminent domain. Is strong vetting a precursor to real ID and civil liberties and privacy violations? Are Iran sanctions a first step toward war? The Yemen raid was a success? And now we're building up NATO instead of asking them to pull their own weight?

Debt ceiling holiday ends on 3/15/17 putting a bit of a crimp in Trump/GOP tax cut/reform plans:¬02....

Crony socialist fails: Defense, education, health care, Wall St. finance.

Capitalist success: Food production, technology. Is there a pattern here?

The future of the LP in a probable world of economic and political breakdown.

Venezuela down to its last $10 billion in foreign exchange.

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