Strata: Portraits of Humanity

Strata: Portraits of Humanity is a monthly half-hour newsmagazine-style show.  Each episode of the human story is a portrait building on the many layers of the human experience.  This is a record we are just beginning to uncover.  From that perspective, Strata delivers in-depth coverage of a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics all around the world.


Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Oct'15

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Syracuse, Italy, founded by the Corinthians in 733 BC, was the birthplace of poets and thinkers and visited by many prominent figures of Greek culture. Syracuse became one of the most influential Greek cities of the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, Syracuse never has received the attention it deserves either in scientific literature or in the mainstream. Addressing this problem, a virtual archaeology project aims at the overall digital reconstruction of the core district of Greek Syracuse and the production of a documentary entitled Syracuse 3D Reborn.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Aug'15

This episode is currently not viewable online.

(1) Reconstruction of the South Yard, the slave quarters at the James Madison mansion, marks the beginning of a new chapter at Montpelier.  (2) A beautiful Iron Age Mirror found by a metal detector in Oxfordshire, UK, is a piece of craftsmanship used more than 2,000 years ago.  (3) HMS Fowey, a British frigate, struck a coral reef and sank in 1748, coming to rest within the boundaries of Biscayne National Park.  The National Park Service conducted underwater excavations on the site.

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