Jon Li as Antoine Lavoisier

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The Institute for Public Science & Art presents, A study of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, Jon Li as Antoine Lavoisier, explaining why he is the father of Chemistry and the Scientific Revolution as we know it. May 8th, 1794, just before he is to be guillotined.  Performed at the Davis Branch Yolo Conty Library, April 14th, 2002. 

Camerawork by Lisa Gruska. Produced at the studios of Davis Community Television.

Meet The Candidates 2010 - Assembly 8th District - All Candidates

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 “Meet the Candidates” is a free service Davis Media Access (DMA) has made available to local campaigns since 1988. Candidates were invited to make a presentation of up to 5 minutes in DMA's studio and were taped under identical conditions. Statements were not edited in any way.

Winter Shelter for the Homeless PSA Friends Intake 1

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Jenna Templeton, co-chair of the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter program.

"Come Join Us" is the theme of a series of public service announcements that have begun airing on Davis Community Television to promote the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter.  Now in its fourth season, the shelter program was established to house the homless during the worst of the winter season.