Winter Shelter for the Homeless PSA Friends Intake 1

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Jenna Templeton, co-chair of the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter program.

"Come Join Us" is the theme of a series of public service announcements that have begun airing on Davis Community Television to promote the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter.  Now in its fourth season, the shelter program was established to house the homless during the worst of the winter season.

Davis City Council Candidates Forum presented by Choices for Healthy Aging 2010

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Choices for Healthy Aging presents "Davis City Council Candidates Forum" sponsored by Institute for Restorative Health

Election 2010 Voter Education Programming
Recorded by Davis Media Access
April 28, 2010 at the Davis Senior Center

TRT: 01:28:00

In The Studio - NAFTA and Mexico

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Dr. Clifford DuRand discusses with Martha Teeter the impact that NAFTA is having on Mexico. Dr. DuRand elucidates NAFTA's role in displacement of subsistence farmers from their land, the dependent development NAFTA creates, the poverty created by NAFTA border factories and the rise of drug cartel violence linked to NAFTA. Dr. DuRand is at the Center of Global Justice in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This Center works with local farmers, that face the pressure of displacement by NAFTA policies, to diversify their crops and hopefully keep their land.