Campbell's Comedy Corner

Bill Campbell is professional comedian who has done a cable access show in Chelmsford MA for the last 10 years called Campbell's Comedy Corner.

Campbell's Comedy Corner is a 1/2 hour stand up comedy show filmed before a live audience starring comedian Bill Campbell. Bill is a 30 year veteran comedian who has done it all, clubs, colleges, private affairs, cruise ships, and so on.

Bill hosts the show, opens with a short 5 minutes set, then introduces one guest professional comedian who does a ten minute set to the live audience after which Bill and his guest talk about the world of comedy as only real pros can do.

Bill tapes 2 shows every other month, approximately 10 shows a year. Many of his guests have performed on the Tonight Show, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.

Further information about the show and Bill is available at his web site


Campbell's Comedy Corner - Ryan Gartley

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Bill's guest is Ryan Gartley ( a New England native and 15 year (ouch) comedy veteran has been performing in clubs, colleges and bars all across the country - from Las Vegas to Bangor, Maine. With his quick, critical observations and dry “family-style” humor he’s made a name for himself as one of the hardest working acts out there.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Tom Hayes

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Bill welcomes old friend, Tom Hayes ( to Campbell's Comedy Corner. Tom is a master salesman and life motivator. With an iron will forged out of the tragic experience of losing a leg to cancer in childhood, Hayes has a compelling history to share with his audiences. A world traveler, extreme sports enthusiast and proud father of two happy and successful daughters, Hayes epitomizes a "can do" approach to life's challenges.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Ace Aceto

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Bill welcomes Ace Aceto to Campbell's Comedy Corner. Growing up in an Italian/Catholic household and going to Catholic school as a kid has made Ace Aceto what he is today…inquisitive and irreverent! Ace burst onto the comedy scene during the latter part of the stand-up comedy boom in 1989. By 1990, Ace was chosen along with 9 other finalists to be filmed for Stand-Up Stand-Up and Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central (then known as The Comedy Channel). A Rhode Island native, Ace worked clubs, colleges, and corporate dates up and down the east coast.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Steve Guilmete

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Bill welcomes Steve Guilmete to Campbell's Comedy Corner. Steve brings a raucous wit and an everyman’s sensibility to the National comedy scene. Steve’s act has received a warm and enthusiastic response from audiences throughout the country. He is also a top-notch actor in Comedy Imposter gigs. Imposter comedians are hired by those wanting to play a joke on someone they know whether it's a co-worker or client, and is the latest craze.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Tom Gilmore

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Bill welcomes an old friend, Tom Gilmore, who started with him at the Ding Ho many years ago. Tom's unique brand of humor has made him a regular at corporate events, theatres across the country, and cruise ships around the world. Born in Boston, his family oriented routines draw on his memories of a repressed Irish-Catholic upbringing and strike common ground with everyone.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Mike Donovan

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Bill's guest this week is Boston legend, Mike Donovan, a 35 year veteran who is a regular headliner at the Comedy Stop in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Mike Donovan's act has been featured on Showtime and in the documentary "When Standup Stood Out". He also is an accomplished historian with his comprehensive almost 2 million word "History of the USA" available by chapter on his web site

Campbell's Comedy Corner - TTTom Clark

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Bill welcomes TTTom Clark, a headline comic in the New England area for 20 yrs…called “The Mel Tllis of Comedy” due to his slight stutter that helped him hone his vocal skills as a master impressionist. His “Condensed Version” of The Wizard of Oz got him National TV exposure on the A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv”. Since that time he has worked from the tundra of Canada to the sunny shores of Florida to coporate boardrooms and European cruise ships! Winning rave reviews at all venues TTTom’s a surefire hit at any venue for any occasion.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Charlie Hall

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Bill welcomes the creative founder of Mass Hysteria, Charlie Hall, and two cast members, Tom Berry and Krystal Bly. Charlie Hall is known by many as “Rhode Island's State Jester”. He is the creative force (writer, director, producer) behind the OCEAN STATE FOLLIES, MASS HYSTERIA, the RI COMEDY FESTIVAL. Charlie is also co-creator of RHODE BYTES, a local sketch-type show appearing on NBC 10 and its website. And an award-winning political cartoonist.

Campbell's Comedy Corner - Mike Dorval

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Campbell's Comedy Corner welcomes Mike Dorval, a.k.a. The Love Judge, who brings life's love lessons to a beautiful conclusion every Saturday night at the Charles Playhouse in Boston! One very lucky couple - or maybe a few - have their domestic differences settled in a Trial of Love with the help of friends, witnesses, and the audience. In this episode of Campbell's Comedy Corner, Bill Campbell and his wife are the couple under discussion.