Populist Dialogues

Populist Dialogues is Alliance for Democracy's 1/2 hour weekly cable public access program, interviewing individuals on topics such as corporate personhood, and single payer healthcare, money in politics and more. All from a populist progressive perspective.


Populist Dialogues - 17-26 How We Lower Tensions with North Korea

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Guest Martin Hart-Landsberg, retired economics professor at Lewis & Clark College and member of the board of the Korea Policy Institute, talks with host David Delk about the causes of the rising tensions between the US and No Korea. Martin also has a blog called Report from the Economic Front. We talk about the history of American involvement with both North and South Korea, how So Korea outspends No Korea on their militaries, the lack of good faith bargaining on the part of the US.

Populist Dialogues - 17-21 - Nuclear Power, a 28th Constitutional Amendment and Public Banking

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Departing from the usual Populist Dialogues format, today we instead watch three shorter clips. The first clip is of an interview with David Delk by Jim Lockhart on Oregon bill SB 990 which would overrule existing Oregon law which prevents the building of nuclear power sites in the state; the second clip is an advocacy piece produced by David Delk for a 28th Constitutional Amendment; and the third clip is of Walt McRee, Chair of the Public Banking institute.

Populist Dialogues - Organizing for the Common Good

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Justin Kertson is a Solidarity Organizer with Jobs with Justice (JWJ). Justin talks about JWJ, campaigns he has been involved with like 15 Now (to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour) and describes current campaigns like "Bargaining for the Common Good" and "Taking Action Against the Trump Agenda", working especially with the immigrant community. ""Why Unions Matter" is another JWJ current effort. Attacks on workers, including so-called "Right to work " laws proposed both at national and states levels. Justin ends the program with a strong statement of JWJ support for public banking.

Populist Dialogues - 17-24 - The Danger of Small Nuclear Reactors

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Chuck Johnson, Director of the Joint Task Force on Nuclear Power, talks with host David Delk about small nuclear modular reactors(SMR). Chuck explains the reasons for opposing the development of nuclear energy and the similarity between tradition nuclear plants and SMRs. We touch on the current difficulties of the nuclear industry with the bankruptcy of Westinghouse. And we look at the current status of SB990 in the Oregon legislature, written to override existing prohibitions in Oregon to building nuclear facilities within the state.

Populist Dialogues - 17-25 - Nuclear Power, OR Bottle Bill Profiteering, Endangering Public Health

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Our guests are Chuck Johnson, Director of the Joint Task Fore on Nuclear Power, OR/WA Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Dan Meek, legal advisor to the Oregon Progressive Party.

Populist Dialogues - 17-22 - Science in the New Dark Age

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Our guest is Dr. Martin Donohoe, adviser to Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and author of "Public Health and Social Justice". The topic is "Science in the New Dark Age". What is the New Dark Age? What is science? How has science been attacked in the past? How has Pres. Trump attached science and with what consequences? What is the role of corporate lobbyists and the media in this present attack? After addressing that, we also talk about single-payer health care and more. We conclude with Dr.

Populist Dialogues - What a Fair trade agreement would look like

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National Organizing Director of Citizens Trade Campaign, Elizabeth Swager, talks with us about corporate trade agreements, like NAFTA, CAFTA and many more. She draws the differences between these agreements and what progressive people and organizations would like. Progressives want policies which are fair and just for the people, no for multi-national corporations. She cites one specific example of how these agreements have elevated corporate rights over human rights.

Populist Dialogues - Social Insecurity 401ks and the Retirement Crisis

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Guest James Russell is the author of "Social Insecurity, 401(k)s and the Retirement Crisis. The retirement crisis is that people are going over a fiscal cliff instead of being able to retire with financial security. James states that this is the result of moving from traditional pension plans to 401(k)s and explains how that has happened with what consequences.

Populist Dialogues - Now for Universal Affordable Health Care

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Host David Delk talks with Lee Mercer, President of Health Care For All Oregon on the problems of Obamacare, Trump(Ryan)Care, and how a universal affordable health care system would solve those problems. Includes a history of how the American system developed; and a description of various proposals to create a single payer system, nationally and in Oregon.