Populist Dialogues

Populist Dialogues is Alliance for Democracy's 1/2 hour weekly cable public access program, interviewing individuals on topics such as corporate personhood, and single payer healthcare, money in politics and more. All from a populist progressive perspective.


Populist Dialogues - 13-33 - Citizens Climate Lobby

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Guests Tamara Staton and Phil Carver discuss the growing Citizens Climate Lobby (CLL) and how people can be involved to advance a Fee & Dividend Proposal to reduce the amount of climate carbon to below 350 PPM. Tamara Staton is the leader of Portland's CCL chapter and Phil is a policy advisor to Oregon's Department of Energy. Fee & Dividend would impose a fee on the production of fossil fuels and rebate it back to the citizens, creating an incentive to reduce the amount of fossil fuel production and use.

Populist Dialogues - 13-31 - Challenging Corporate Rule via Ordinance

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Community Rights organizer Paul Cienfuegoes wants to reduce or eliminate corporate rule by engaging communities to enact community rights ordinance which says that corporations are prohibited from engaging in certain activities in local communities, many times in direct contradiction to state or federal law. Paul discuss successes in American local communities as well as internationally. Part 1 of 2 part series

Populist Dialogues - 13-32 - Ending Corporate Rule via Local Community Rights Movements

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Paul Cienfuegos returns for part 2 of our discussion of creating local community rights movements to prevent usually large national and multinational corporations from dominating our democracy. Paul reviews the history of the regulatory box designed by corporate interests to regulate the peoples' participation in decision-making. He also discusses the movement to give nature rights, enforceable by citizens and looks at how the community rights movement is developing here in Oregon.

Populist Dialogues - 13-26 TPP Corporate Coup and Access to Medicines

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Our guests today present about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the “free trade” agreement which President Obama has been negotiating for 3 years in secret. Oregon Fair Trade Campaign Director Elizabeth Swager gives us a broad overview of the agreement, how is has been negotiated and why it needs to be opposed while Force Positive Coordinator (Cascade Aids Project)'s Benjamin Gerritz talks in a very personal way about how this agreement could impact the availability of generic HIV drugs as well as other medicines.

Populist Dialogues - 13-24 Judicial Review and the 28th Amendment

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Thom Hartmann progressive talk show host and author of about 20 books, including Unequal Protections, The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights, addresses the need for a 28th constitutional amendment to end the legal doctrines that Money is Speech and Corporations Are People. He calls America's governing structure a constitutional monarchy and describes how we moved there from a constitutional democracy.

Populist Dialogues - 13-21 Intersection of Health and Justice

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How does the practice of Public Health interact with social justice? Dr. Martin Donohoe, author of Public Health and Social Justice, explains, talking about the UN Declaration on Human Rights, trade in arms and the military, major social justice issues which impact public health including the status of women, industrial chemicals, access to health care (he advocated for a single payer system in the US),, corporate influence in the school system.

Populist Dialogues - 13-20 Austerity Demands Cuts

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The Great Recession has created demands by both the American and world economic and political elites for the imposition of austerity polices, saying that we cannot afford benefits for the 99% and the government services, jobs and benefits have to be cut. Guest Michael Wade with the Portland Peoples' Budget Project and Solidarity Against Austerity discusses these trends and policies, and how these efforts are being resisted by Portlanders.

Populist Dialogues - 13-19 Walmart vs The Community

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Guests Bob Marshall with Making Change at Walmart and Laurie King with Portland Jobs with Justice talk about the detrimental effects of an expanding Walmart has on communities with a focus on Portland, as well as efforts on the part of workers united with community organizations to fight back. Laurie talks about Portland Rising, how they are joining different communities to achieve an economy which works for the 99% as well as an upcoming event in Portland.

Populist Dialogues - 13-18 When 7-11 Comes To Your Neighborhood

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Ben Poe and Amyl Freeberg are with Occupy St. Johns and involved with the efforts to prevent a new 7-11 store from operating in their community. St. Johns is a working class area in the north area of Portland OR. 7-11, with approximately 50,000 convenience stores worldwide, is engaged in a massive expansion which includes both conversion of mom-and-pop stores and construction of new stores. Local residents have been resisting the expansion and the effects on local communities.