In The Studio - Alternative Veterinarian Medicine

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Diane Crumley hosts Dr. Madeline Yamate, Veterinarian and Jill Quan, Practice Manager.

Topics discussed: Veterinary practices utilizing traditional Chinese medicine, common conditions that are treated with this alternative approach, acupuncture treatments and a demonstration of acupuncture on an Australian sheep dog

Recorded: 11/13/14

The Road to Recovery - Supporting Recovery with Safe, Sober and Peer Oriented Housing

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Recovery Housing environments are increasingly being recognized as a critical component to recovery success for many individuals.  This show will examine the growing support for recovery housing in many states and communities, highlighting the many forms that these housing programs can take.  Among the housing programs available are sober housing and recovery housing tailored to specific demographic groups such as adult men, adult women, young adults, and college students.

The Road to Recovery - Growing Up With Addiction and or Mental Health Disorders - Prevention by Targeting Families

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It is well known that children in homes where addiction is present are at great risk of having substance use disorders and lifelong mental health problems.  Targeting these families is not only a priority treatment and recovery concern but an efective prevention strategy as well.  To prevent mental and substance use disorders, it is critical to work directly with the family environments in which these disorders originate.  This show will delve into the relationship of addiction and trauma, acknowledging th elong-term impacts on children and families.

The Road to Recovery - Disaster Recovery - Helping Survivors Recover from Trauma

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Our society increasingly is recognizing that the victims of a disaster need support to recover from the trauma associated with the disaster event. Disasters include natural disasters such as severe storms, floods, and wild land fires as well as manmade events such as mas shootings or other acts of violence.  Trauma from disasters can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems, and can put victims at higher risk of substance abuse.

The Road to Recovery - Treatment and Recovery in the Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice System

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Persons involved in both the juvenile and adult justice systems commonly are struggling with mental disorders, substance use disorders, or both.  This show will recognize and promote a trend to directly address mental and substance use disorders in these individuals through treatment and recovery support.

The Road to Recovery - Understanding Diverse Cultures

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This show will underscore the need to understand the culture of specific communities as critical to success in providing recovery services.  Overcoming language barriers and appreciating the health-related beliefs and practices held by various diverse communities is becoming increasingly important with the rapidly changing demographics in our nation.  A "community" is defined here broadly, encompassing racial and ethinic groups as well as other clearly defined groups such as faith communities and military families.

Populist Dialogues - 14-08 - The Healthcare Movie

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Guests Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg are co-producer of the new documentary, The Healthcare Movie. The documentary explores the differences between the Canadian Healthcare system and the American health insurance system and how/why Americans need to adopt a Canadian style single payer system. Laurie and Terry talk about how they came to make this movie, how the American and Canadian systems developed so differently. Terry notes that Canada has a tax system, while America has an insurance system.