In The Studio - Building a Community of Everyday Heroes

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Patrick Shearer hosts Nathan J. Travernicht, Fire Chief, UC Davis Fire Department, and Shawn Kinney, Division Chief, City of Davis Fire Department to discuss the roll out of "PulsePoint," an app that citizens with CPR experience can download and use to help save lives. They also discuss Sidewalk CPR programs, involving citizens with the fire department, and automatic external defibrillators.

The Road to Recovery - How Community-Based Partnerships and Recovery Support Organizations Make Recovery Work

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The goal of recovery is for individuals to lead successful, saitisying, and healthy lives integrated inthe community.  This requires the availability of prevention, health care, treatment, and recovery support services.  Community-based organizations play a vital role in addressing the diverse needs of people in recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders.  Partnerships and networks within communities serve to leverage the particular contribution that individual community-based organizations have to offer.  Recovery support organizations, those that focus on the recovery needs of i

The Road to Recovery - Ready, Willing and Able To Work: Employment for People in Recovery

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Panelists: Davis Berns, Director, District of Columbia Department of Human Services; Gary Bond, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Pschiatric Rehabilitation research, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center; Peggy Burns, LCADC, EAP Counselor, Employee Assistance Program, University of Maryland Medical Center; Neil Vazquez-Rowland, President, A Safe Haven

The Road to Recovery - Families are the Frontline

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It is well understood that prevention, treatment, and recovery in behavioral health require a multifaceted approach in which individuals, families, schools, and communities all play a vital role.  This show will focus on one of these critical sucess factors: families.  Whenever a family member - parent or child - is experiencing a mental or substance use health problem, the repsonse should involve the entire family.