The City Considers - Davis Fire Department with Chief Daryl Arbuthnott

Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Davis Fire Chief Daryl Arbuthnott who arrived in Davis last year with a storied history in fire fighting, This episode touches briefly on his background, and then discusses these topics:

-Unique opportunities and concerns here in Davis, moving out of shared management agreement with UC Davis, moving ahead, and priorities.

-Unique role of a fire chief: spokesperson, leader, advocate, planner. Emergency services represent a large percentage of a community’s budget. How to show the taxpayers we are getting the best value for the dollars we spend? How to balance that with attending to oversight of team in a dangerous profession?

-The unique role of firefighters in the community; everything from first response to Pass the Boot

-CA, a state on fire. Fire looms large in our collective consciousness. Role of our local firefighters in CalFire.

Recorded: 2/28/2018

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