Fast Forward - Connie Willis

Episode #287 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features a new interview with award winning author Connie Willis. Mrs. Willis talks about her latest novel, Crosstalk. The book is a romantic comedy, using the trope of telepathy to cause all sorts of havoc in the lives of the main characters.

Mrs. Willis also discusses a recent trip to the Space Telescope Science Institute, where she and other science fiction writers got to talk with the team that handles the Hubble telescope data.

Also in this episode:

Steve Cordle reviews League of Dragons, the final book in the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik.

Marianne Petrino gives 4 chans to the anime movie Welcome to the Space Show.

This interview was recorded in May of 2016 during the Balticon 50 science fiction convention. This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in October of 2016.

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28 min
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