The Language of Business

THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS is written and produced by Greg Stoller, successful businessman and teacher in the MBA Program at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

In this series, he speaks with entrepreneurs, both local and throughout the world about their companies, how they started them, and how they continue to grow them. He uses the prototypical business plan as the inspiration and touchstone of these conversations.

Taking the business plan section by section, Greg explores aspects of the business world aspiring owners and funders should consider as they kick-start new ventures. His goal is to give you the vocabulary and conceptual grounding you need to speak the Language of Business.


The Language of Business - Seasonal Businesses

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A nice steady income can be a luxury at times. If you are in a traditional job, you can expect a salary that will last throughout the year, but some businesses are seasonal by nature. Greg Stoller looks at four enterprises traditionally tied to the weather, and looks at how they turn into a year-round endeavor.

The Language of Business - France

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Parlez-vous la langue des affaires? Greg Stoller recently visited the University of Angers in France to talk with several members of the staff and student body. From the value of education to saving and investing trends of French citizens, Greg looks at what makes their economy tick, and gauges their outlook for the upcoming years.

The Language of Business - Pivots

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Every once in a while you have to stop, look up from what you are doing, and decide the best course for the future. Thinking of the big picture is tough when you are mired in the day to day. Hear four stories of businesses that are continually looking for what will help their business and your business get to that next level. Pivots, on this edition of the Language of Business.

The Language of Business - From Scratch

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What does it mean to start a business from scratch? It can be starting a new company around a brilliant idea, throwing out an existing social media campaign and going back to "square one". It can be also tackling an existing industry from a new angle, as well as being a one-person corporation. We have tales of new businesses with humble beginnings that are making it happen on this episode of The Language of Business.

The Language of Business - Art

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Running a business well is an art-form. Sometimes that is true not only figuratively, but literally as well. In this episode, Greg meets with four talented individuals who have a foot in both worlds, and do some very different things. How do they use both sides of their brains to make a living? Find out in this edition of the Language of Business!