The Language of Business

THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS is written and produced by Greg Stoller, successful businessman and teacher in the MBA Program at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

In this series, he speaks with entrepreneurs, both local and throughout the world about their companies, how they started them, and how they continue to grow them. He uses the prototypical business plan as the inspiration and touchstone of these conversations.

Taking the business plan section by section, Greg explores aspects of the business world aspiring owners and funders should consider as they kick-start new ventures. His goal is to give you the vocabulary and conceptual grounding you need to speak the Language of Business.


The Language of Business - Risk Assessment

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The business world is a risky place, no doubt. There are no guarantees that the business you start, or the business you invest in, will pay off in the long run. Understanding the risks you face is instrumental in making your role in any business a success. In this episode, Greg Stoller gathers four perspectives on risk, from the legal, to the financial, to the day-to-day. Risk, and risk assessment are the topic for this month's episode of "The Language of Business".

The Language of Business - Investing and Cash Flow

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A big part of running a successful business is worrying about money. Where is your cash coming from, and where is it going to? In this episode, Greg looks at money from two big perspectives, investing and cash flow. What are investors looking for? How do you make sure you get paid in time to meet your obligations. Four different viewpoints are explored as Greg talks with Don Nelson, Aaron Cai, Ben Littauer and Dan Weller.

The Language of Business - Business and Lawyers

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In this episode, Greg Stoller takes a look at where the worlds of business and law collide. Four different realms are explored. Emily Taylor talks with Greg about legal advice for new businesses. Gene Barton shares his experience international law and global operations. Christopher Robertson tells Greg what companies can do to prevent (or deal with the fallout from) whistleblowers. Finally, entrepreneur Julio Gomez looks at where the world of finance comes into the picture.

The Language of Business - Operational Section

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What shape will your business take? Are you envisioning a great corporation with many officers and locations or a Mom and Pop operation in a small storefront? No matter what size, shape and resources your business takes, you'll want to pay attention to this section of the business plan. Greg Stoller talks with E. Craig Sanders of C-Level Interim Executives, Paul Laskow of Save Energy Systems, and Jody Mendoza of Mojitos Latin Lounge about how their businesses have blossomed and grown.

The Language of Business - International Business Development

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We are living in an increasingly globalized economy. What does that mean for aspiring entrepreneurs? Whether you are outsourcing part of the production process or merely seeking a world-wide customer base, planning for developing an international business just makes sense. Greg talks with three individuals making an impact across the globe about operating companies that crosses country lines.

The Language of Business - Organizational Section

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Host Greg Stoller takes an in-depth look at the challenges of putting together the Organizational Section of the business plan. How do you know what skills you are looking for in your management team, and how can they lead your way to success? Greg speaks with entrepreneurs from big companies and start-ups to get a sense of what they have done, and the impact it has had on their businesses.


The Language of Business - Marketing Section

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Host Greg Stoller continues his look at the business world, as viewed through the lens of a traditional business plan. Episode 3 takes a look at the Marketing Section of the Business plan. Too often thought of as just a framework for advertising, the marketing section can set the aspiring business owner up for success or failure when looking at how the company interacts with its customers. Greg speaks with three marketing consultants about the purpose of marketing and its importance in today's entrepreneurial environment.

The Language of Business - Competitive Industry Analysis

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Greg Stoller continues his series looking at the world of business through the prism of the written business plan. In this episode, his in-depth look begins with a look at the Competitive Industry Analysis. Any start-up needs to be aware of the environment they are entering into. What (and who) defines your market? Guests include John Francis of TestMyPitch and Red Hat, Patricia Gray of P.A. Gray Law, and Leo Brea, Executive Director of Veconinter.

The Language of Business - Business Plans

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In the debut episode of the Language of Business, host Greg Stoller speaks with three entrepreneurs about their businesses and their experience using detailed business plans to help grow their businesses. Featured in this episode is Tony Solomons, President of Ideal Marketing Group, Inc., Jeff Hulton of and Cindy Brown of Frost Ice Bar.