The Language of Business

THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS is written and produced by Greg Stoller, successful businessman and teacher in the MBA Program at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

In this series, he speaks with entrepreneurs, both local and throughout the world about their companies, how they started them, and how they continue to grow them. He uses the prototypical business plan as the inspiration and touchstone of these conversations.

Taking the business plan section by section, Greg explores aspects of the business world aspiring owners and funders should consider as they kick-start new ventures. His goal is to give you the vocabulary and conceptual grounding you need to speak the Language of Business.


The Language of Business - International Communication

This episode is currently not viewable online.

The world seems to be getting smaller every day. In business, countries halfway across the world can be considered to be in your back yard. How do you keep everyone on the same page? In this episode we look at communicating across borders, and give you some ideas on how to make that happen!

The Language of Business - Angel Investing

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Those unfamiliar with the term can easily imagine the function of an angel investor--those who dare to march in where conventional funders fear to tread. They are behind some of the most creative and cutting edge of businesses. In this episode we look at both those who invest, and those who benefit from these daring speculators!

The Language of Business - Money Management

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Making your money work for you is never easy, and it can be very confusing--even for those within the business. In today's episode, we look at the Federal Regulations that are going to affect money managers, find out who trains the experts, and learn if there is a difference between an independent adviser, and one that works with your bank.

The Language of Business - Family Businesses

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Everyone likes to have a legacy to leave their family. What if it is a business that has enjoyed success? Do you trust them to carry it on or wish them to cash it out? These are some of the questions wrestled with by todays guests. Greg explores what it means to work with and for your family!

The Language of Business - Small Businesses

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Join Greg Stoller at he looks at four small businesses that are taking on the big guys and thriving. From the Brookline Booksmith to the Granite State Plastics company, each of these businesses have something that makes them irresistible to their customers. Whether you are looking for someplace to grow your portfolio or are just in the mood for something sweet, you won't want to miss this show!

The Language of Business - Restaurant Profitability

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The Language of Business returns with an episode filled with business innovators who leave it all on the table: restauranteurs! From literal Mom and Pop operations to one of the nation's most innovative and promising chains, this show looks at making it all work in a challenging field.

The Language of Business - NPOs and Social Mindedness

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In this episode of the Language of Business, Greg looks at non-profit organizations and socially-minded businesses. Does being a good charity necessarily mean being a good business? How do you bridge the gap between being fair to your cause and making a living? Greg looks at some great innovators in the field, from Catie's Closet in Lowell, MA to Project VetCare in Hanover, New Hampshire.