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Fields, Desrosiers, Smitt, Page.

On perhaps a lighter side, a march for Clowns Lives Matter has been scheduled in Tucson.  Do clowns lives matter?

Measure B on the Sacramento County ballot would double Sacramento County transportation sales taxes.  Is any significant portion of the revenue from A or proposed from B being used to fix streets or is it all going to light rail and other forms of public transportation?

The Sacramento Transportation Authority has been issuing interest only bonds.  Is that good financial management on the part of an agency that wants to double their revenue?

Are there state and/or federal funds available for Sacramento's transit needs?  And are they being used appropriately?

There is a taxpayer oversight board for Measure A and a similar one proposed for Measure B.  Has it been effective?

Sacramento drivers are allegedly spending an average of $2270 per year on extra car repairs due to the ill repair of County roads.  Are those costs factored into the decision on whether to spend money on road versus light rail?

The future of transportation seems to be going in the direction of self-driving cars.  Given that and the greater amount of time saved and convenience of auto transportation, would it not make more sense to tilt spending on road rather than rail?

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