Libertarian Counterpoint

The significance of the Trump win of the Presidency and the GOP retaining control of the Senate, the House and U.S. Supreme Court nominees.

A Gary Johnson/William Weld post campaign critique. How did the LP do elsewhere? Trump potential appointments:

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus

Senior Counselor to the President: Steve Bannon

Secretary of State: TBD [Newt Gingrich, Bob Corker, John Bolton]

Treasury Secretary: TBD [Steven Mnuchin, Jamie Dimon]

Attorney General: TBD [Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi, Chris Christie]

Defense Secretary: TBD [Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn]

Health and Human Services Secretary: TBD [Ben Carson, Rick Scott]

Interior Secretary: TBD [Lucas Oil, Sarah Palin, Robert Grady, Jan Brewer] Agriculture Secretary: TBD [Sid Miller, Sam Brownback, Dave Heineman]

Labor Secretary: TBD [Victoria Lipnic]

Commerce Secretary: TBD [Wilbur Ross, Chris Christie, Dan DiMicco]

Education Secretary: TBD [Ben Carson, William Evers]

Energy Secretary: TBD [Harold Hamm, Robert Grady]

Homeland Security Secretary: TBD [David Clarke, Michael McCaul]

Veterans Affairs Secretary: TBD [Jeff Miller]

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator: TBD [Myron Ebell, Jeffrey Holmstead, Joe Aiello]

Will the probable upcoming recession/depression under a GOP controlled government mean the death of the GOP and a window for the LP or another less savory political movement?

Should the Clintons be prosecuted?

The wins for cannabis around the country.

The fate of the Wall and the deportation of millions of Mexicans and Muslims.

The looming specter of trade protectionism and how free market guys like Steven Moore and Larry Kudlow can justify hanging around the Trump White House. 

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