Live Election Coverage - June 2016

Hosted by Andrea Jones and Lea Rosenberg, Davis Media Access interviewed candidates for Davis City Council, Assembly District 4, and Senate District 3, in addition to other guests.  Our hosts also took questions via phone calls from the community and discussed the ongoing results.

In order of appearance:

Robb Davis & Rochelle Swanson, 

Mariko Yamada,

Matt Williams & Jeff Miller,

Dan & Jemima Wolk,

Will & Nichole Arnold,

Don Saylor & Angel Melchor,

Lucas and Stacie Frerichs,

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (by phone),

and Brett Lee.

Recorded 06/07/16 8pm - 11pm in the Davis Media Access studio.

Produced by Autumn Labbe-Renault

Directed by Diane Dedoshka

Cameras: Bill Lorfing & Bryce Parker

Floor Managers: Emily Merten & Jack Ratliff

Audio: Eunah Cho

Production Assistant: Mikel Aizcorbe

Results: Alex Silva-Sadder

Set Design & Lightning: Jeff Shaw

Technical Support: Darrick Servis

Viva Bulgaria! by DJ CyberGod courtesy Internet Archive Community Audio licensed under Creative Commons

Plants courtesy Redwood Barn Nursery

3 hours 1 min
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