What's Going On - Will Arnold

Jon Li speaks with Will Arnold, Davis City Council candidate. Will is a Davis native. In this interview learn more about Will and his thoughts on some of the issues facing Davis now and in the future.


Will Arnold talks about learning to adapt with his genetically short arms, his mom, his dad, his granddad and his family now.
Will talks about growing up in Davis, Davis High where he was student body president, going to the University of Oregon, and what he has been involved in over the subsequent 15 years.  
The political discussion focuses on several issues facing the future of Davis: life in a college town, people attracted to Davis because of the quality of the schools, the low rental vacancy rate, a new general plan and deciding to become a charter city, infrastructure maintenance and repair, and city relations with the school district, UCD, Yolo County as well as special districts and other agencies.
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