Future Talk - Training 21st Century Journalists

A look at the journalism program at Silicon Valley's Palo Alto High School, which is one of the largest and most innovative high school journalism programs in the country, where students publish their own high quality magazines, newspapers, tv shows, and internet sites.

There are two guests. Esther Wojcicki founded the journalism program about 25 years ago, and has played a central role in its growth and success. She's been a professional journalist, blogs regularly for the Huffington Post, has won numerous teaching awards, and has the additional distinction of being the mother-in-law of Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, who is married to her daughter Anne.

Paul Kendall is a highly acclaimed teacher who was named 2009 National Journalism Teacher of the Year by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. He's worked as a newspaper reporter and for Newsweek Magazine, and has also been very active in training other journalism teachers.

The show also includes on-location footage at the school itself, including numerous short interviews with students and teachers.

Martin Wasserman hosts.

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28 min 29 sec
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