Songspeak - the Art and Craft of Songwriting - Kirsti Manna and Coles Whalin

Songspeak - Conversations on the Art and Craft of Songwriting - Kirsti Manna and Coles Whalin.

Tennessee MTSU Recording Industry professor Hal Newman, and occasional guest hosts, interview ASCAP songwriters.

Topics include the process of writing songs, how one becomes a songwriter, tips for being a successful songwriter in the music industry. Songwriters also perform a few of their songs. The programs are recorded in front of MTSU students enrolled in Recording Industry courses. A question and answer session follows each discussion.

Every aspiring songwriter will benefit from the knowledge and perspective of our two gifted and accomplished guests. Kirsti Manna and Coles Whalin both bring wonderful performances that show not only their passion for songwriting, but the nuts and bolts skills needed to enable a songwriter to connect with her audience.

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58 min 26 sec
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