Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

Two days after the events at the end of Episode One, Billy and Bates are out on patrol, trying to avoid the authorities while at the same time trying to keep Billy's neighborhood safe. During an encounter with a woman by a local park, we find out that not only has she seen the undead in the woods, but that her daughter ran off in panic and is lost! Adding to this potential tragedy is the fact that Billy knows this family, and remembers the little girl as a baby. Billy and Bates contact John, and they go into the darkened area to save the young girl.

Will they get to her in time? What other horrors will they find along the way? And during a particularly gruesome moment, is Billy starting to lose his grip on reality? Only you can be the judge!

This episode also shows the general apathy the population has about the crisis, and the deep denial the average citizen holds which blinds them to the fact that the world is facing something never before seen.

In the end, a choice must be made, one that will create a rift between the team members forever.

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26 min 42 sec
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