Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

A few weeks go by and the Hunters are mostly unable to access new weapons and ammunition in NYC. While John goes out a tries to make contact with underworld gun dealers, Bates turns to a former co-worker of his, a disgraced postal carrier named "Smoothie". This man agrees to sell the hunters the extra weapons he's amassed over the years, and the Team is finally geared up with something other than a handful of bullets.

Meanwhile, the living dead problem continues to escalate in the city, and finds its way into St. John's Hospital (where Judy works out of). Judy's friend, Dr. Rebecca Kaufman, and her assistant, Carrie Walker, RN, are making their normal rounds when the emergency room erupts in chaos! A jogger brought in after being hit by a delivery van has died from her wounds, only to re-animate on the operating table and attack the doctors, guards, and patients in the south wing. What must Rebecca and Carrie do to restore order amidst the fatalities?

Billy sees the aftermath of this on the news that night, and realizes that the heroes from the hospital might just make excellent additions to the group he, Bates, and John have started. Plus, it will bring him closer to the people who know Judy best, increasing his odds of finding her.

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26 min 58 sec
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