Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

Billy and Bates' long-time acquaintance, Joey "Douchebag" Kincaid, is released from prison early and asks to be a part of the Death Squad. Billy reluctantly agrees, and the three of them make a plan to meet with the gun dealers John has met. Unfortunately, the night before, Billy learns that the Mako Staple factory, the only place he's worked since failing out of college, has burned to the ground. He unloads the guns, and pours himself into a bottle of scotch.

The next morning, still feeling the effects of the previous night, Billy and crew go to meet with the dealers, who turn out to be a local small-time militia group. Only Joey is perceptive enough to realize something's wrong the moment they get there. Thing turn bad quickly, and our three heroes barely survive the next few minutes of their lives.

But is this group really as "small-time" as they seem? Or are they just one tiny part of a much larger organization? And are they planning something far more deadly?

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27 min 18 sec
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