Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

The weeks of nightly killings, ending with events of Episode 5, affect each of the Hunters in a different way. Carrie decides to confront her fears by learning how to defend herself. Bates takes it almost in stride, seeing himself becoming a bit of a hero. John wants answers from the people he's trusted. And Billy tries to turn to the solace he once found in his church. Will any of them find the answers they seek?

The group finds themselves in a better position for survival than ever before, but internally they are unraveling. The story comes full-circle in this episode, as we find out what causes the hunt/rescue in the beginning of Episode One, only this time through the eyes of the Hunters. Will tensions between them all cause the group to fracture? And when Bates quickly goes off on his own to take another crack at dealing with the Underworld, what else might he lose along the way?

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28 min 30 sec
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