Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

An uneasy alliance with a scientist who claims she's found a "cure" for the Zombie plague once again brings the Hunters back together, this time with several others. John has made contact with a group similar to theirs from the Bronx, run by a woman named Tequila Mockingbird. Tequila sends Gabby, her second-in-command, to check out the group from Queens and find out what she can about the rumors of this "cure".

The two groups join up outside a medical supply warehouse in a heavily-infested area of Queens, only to find out how the workers inside have been dealing with the plague in the own way! The quest for a "subject" to test the cure on quickly degrades into an all-out fight just to make it back to the parking lot!

We also see Billy's continuing decline into madness come to a terrifying new height. And just as the rest of the Team seems to be solidifying, tragedy strikes one of their own! What will it all mean to their chances to make it through this crisis?

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28 min 26 sec
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