Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

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Following the news-covered events of Episode Seven, Governor Alvarez has no choice but to call out all available forces to end the Zombie threat in his state. Seeking to use NY as a model for the rest of the country, Martial Law and strict curfews are temporarily imposed for all NY Citizens. Even the Hunters lay low for days at a time, mostly hiding out at Billy's barred-in apartment. After two weeks of this, the authorities finally come forward to announce that not only have they eradicated the problem in NY, they also officially state to the population that there is no "sickness"; that those thought to be infected are actually the re-animated bodies of the dead!

This leads to many things: organized protests, lawsuits against the government, wild parties across the city, and, of course, outright panic by a small percentage of the population. But this is all old news to the Zombie Hunters, all of whom look forward to their new 'career' being over... all of them, except Bates.

But there is another section of the population, one that's realized it's golden opportunity to spread chaos. And it's this fraction of society that is about to mobilize.

Just as this is taking root, Billy confronts Bates about the things they've done, and Bates confronts Billy about the realities of Judy's "disappearance". Words turn to violence, and while two friends reach their breaking point, other things are beginning to break down as well, culminating in an horrific incident... and the answer to at least one question.

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