The Sins of Ascension

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After the Third World War, the world is in turmoil. Corruption and authority is no longer recognized, and the redemption of world-wide leadership is at hand.

This is a short film I made for an art festival at my high school. Hope you enjoy!

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In The Studio - The Art Theatre of Davis

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Ashley Woodbury hosts Timothy Nutter, Artistic Director, The Art Theatre of Davis, and John McLean, Actor.

topics discussed: start-up commuinity theatre: The Art Theatre of Davis talks about their community and choices to perform modern classics.

Elections 2014 - Yolo County Judicial Candidates Forum

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Attorney John Brennan, Yolo County Commissioner Janene Beronio, Deputy Attorney General Larenda Delaini, and Sacramento Family Law Attorney Rick Cohen are candidates in the 2014 race to replace Judge Stephen Mock.

Sponsored by Vanguard Court Watch & Davis Media Access

Recorded at the Mark K. Stephens Library

March 23, 2014 by Davis Media Access.

In The Studio - Third Space

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Pieter Pastoor hosts Lauren Cole Norton, Director of Third Space.

topics dicussed include: the mission and inspiration for Third Space, history, what is is about and what is happening there now.

In The Studio - SacSings! The Sacramento Choral Festival

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Lin Weaver hosts Dick Frantzreb, Executive Director of SacSings! The Sacramento Choral Festival, and David Loofbourrow, Board Member of the Sacramento Valley Choral Coalition.

topics discussed include: SacSings!, the choral festival June 13th-15th, bringing together 20 choruses, a thousand singers for eight concerts.

In The Studio - University Farm Circle

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Lin Weaver hosts Sheila Beyer and Linda Ziskind, Co-presidents of University Farm Circle. 

topics discussed: Intercampus day, Picnic Day, Golden Gala, and 2014 marking the 100th year anniversary of the University Farm Circle.

Elections 2014 - 4th Assembly District Candidates Educational Forum

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4th Assembly District Candidates Educational Forum

Sponsored by Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance,

Featuring Candidates Dan Wolk, Joe Krovoza and Bill Dodd.

Recorded by Davis Media Access at the Davis Senior Center, February 22, 2014.

In The Studio - Davis Parent University

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Christy Freese, Chair, and Jodi Liederman, Founding Chair and Outreach Co-ordinator, of Davis Parent University.

topics discussed include: history of DPU, process of selecting topics and speaker, past topics and where you can see them, as well as community partnerships and volunteerism.


davisparented at gmail dot com 

Mariachi Puente

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Davis Media Access recorded local youth ensemble Mariachi Puente Feb. 27, 2014.

DMA commits resources to supporting local youth, youth media production, and youth culture. We were pleased to highlight Mariachi Puente as part of this ongoing effort.

Find out more about Mariachi Puente on Facebook.

In The Studio - Yolo County Neighborhood Court

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Lin Weaver hosts Chris Bulkeley, Yolo County District Attorney, and Catherine Stobie and Jonathan Baldauf, members, Neighborhood Court.

topics discussed include: the Yolo County Neighborhood Court's key achievements in 2013 and challenges past and present.


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