Meet The Candidates - May 2023 - Davis City Council District 3

This special municipal election is to fill the vacancy in City Council District 3 that was created when former Mayor Lucas Frerichs was sworn into office as a Yolo County Supervisor.

The election will fill the unexpired term in District 3 and will commence after the election results are certified and a swearing in is held. The term will end in December 2024, when a successor will be elected and sworn in.

In The Studio 2023

Episodes of In The Studio from the year 2023.

Shows are produced by both staff and volunteers under the supervision of Davis Media Access staff.

In The Studio explores issues of local interest and profiles non-profit services, individuals, school based groups, and provides local news makers and community organizations with easy ways to promote their activities and events.

Election June 2022 - Measure H - Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus Project (DISC)

Shall Resolution 22-010 be adopted to approve a mixed-use innovation center with lab and research facilities, offices, market-rate and affordable housing, hotel/conference center, parks, and community sports fields, by amending the City of Davis General Plan to change land use designations for the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus 2022 (DiSC 2022) and Mace Triangle properties from Agriculture and Public/Quasi-Public to Innovation Center, Urban Agriculture Transition Area, General Commercial and Public/Semi-Public, and establishing Baseline Project Features?