PSA Day 2015

These PSAs were produced as part of DMA's 2015 PSA Day. Each one showcases a community non-profit. They will rotate through the air on DCTV for a year before being retired. 

Street Talk

Find out what Davis residents are thinking about various topics.  These episodes are put together by DCTV volunteers and serve as a learning tool for field production and basic editing skills.  Most episodes are filmed at the Davis Farmers' Market.


"TALKING POINT with Lin Weaver" is a locally produced series of television shows exploring some of the important themes, challenges, and events of our time.

The show will focus on issues that matter to the community and to the world, whether they are topics of political and social significance, or recent scientific discoveries that have meaning for our lives. 

TechnoCult Radio

TechnoCult Radio is the original program series created by the students of UC Davis TCS 112 in the Fall Quarter of 2012.  This video collection represents any visual media produced by the TechnoCult Radio students.

The Art Theater of Davis

Davis Media Access works with local arts organizations to help produce and archive events and video.   

The Art Theater of Davis intends to further our mission of bringing artistic theater to Davis, live dramatic performances that treat theater as an art form, one worth fostering in our community for the benefit of all.  They choose to produce seminal plays from the history of European drama, works so well-made and crucial to the development and understanding of Western artistic and cultural traditions that it is a continuing duty of our society to keep them in performance.