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November 2012 Election Coverage

Election 2012 Coverage, including all candidate statements and forums, can be found at

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Meet The Candidates 2012

The various candidates statements for the June 5th, 2012 elections.  Each candidate was invited to make a presentation in the DMA studios under identical conditions. Statements are up to 5 minutes in length, not edited & presented in random order.

Davis City Council Candidates

Yolo County Supervisor District 5

Yolo Superior Court Judge

Assembly 4th District

Freespeech, Cable and Telecom Companies, and the Internet

There is always a lot going on that threatens, sometimes in subtle ways, either your rights or your ability to exercise them.  In this interconnected age, we are also seeing in greater detail how other governments deal with the same rights we take for granted here in the US.  From communications access to freedom of speech keeping abreast of these issues isn't always easy, but failure to speak out about whatever concerns you will only lead to further erosion of the core freedoms this nation was founded on. So in that vein...

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