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Aloha Aina Activist - A Visit With Joshua Noga

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If youʻve ever wondered why Hawaiians are so passionate about Hawaii, you donʻt have to look any further than Joshua Noga. Aloha aina is the Hawaiian phrase for love of land and as we discovered, those two words perfectly describe Joshua. An activist dedicated to preserving Hawaiiʻs land and natural resources for generations to come, he helped produce some of the Aha Aloha Aina self-governance workshops which have been instrumental in preparing for an independent Hawaii. Join us in our visit with Joshua and we bet some of his passion for a Free Hawaii will rub off on you, too.

Activist To The Max - A Visit With Aunty Maxine Kahaulelio

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With literally decades of activism under her belt, Aunty Max is one of Hawaiiʻs most unique caretakers. Over the years sheʻs fought almost non-stop for Hawaiiʻs land and natural resources as well as itʻs people, culture and way of life all the while raising her own children as a widowed mother and a full time worker. When we met her, we soon found out she speaks her mind like few others do. Donʻt miss our amazing visit with Aunty Max as she tells it like it is and reveals why activism has been such a big part of her life.

A Place Of Transition - A Visit With Tom McDonald

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Many of us as we go through life find weʻre sometimes at a place where we just need a little help. Thatʻs what Kahumana Community Farm located in Waianae does. As we quickly saw in our visit and tour with Executive Director Tom McDonald, Kahumana is a healthy and inclusive farm-based community helping Oahuʻs homeless families, people with disabilities and youth become productive on their own once again. Join us in our visit to Kahumana and like us, youʻll see why this very special place indeed.

Answering The Call - A Visit With Marti Townsend

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Long-time champion of Hawaii's land and environment, Marti Townsend has the perfect job. As KAHEA’s program director working to improve the quality of people's lives, Marti has helped design some of Hawaii’s most significant environmental legislation. Not only a keen detective for what’s at risk, you’ll discover she also knows what’s possible - Hawaii as the shining example for the world on how to get the balance right. As she says, the land and the people are one.

At The Crossroads - A Visit With Choon James

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Oahuʻs North Shore is one of the most beautiful areas in all Hawaii, yet few other places have been more in jeopardy of commercial development. And thatʻs where we met Choon James who works tirelessly to, as she says, “keep the country, country.” Choon should know - she grew up in the concrete jungle called Singapore, but even more amazing today sheʻs a real estate agent in Hawaii. Filmed on location at beautiful Kahana Bay, youʻll see why this one-woman dynamo is so devoted to preserving the North Shoreʻs scenic beauty.

A Lucky Guy - A Visit With Danny Bishop

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Danny Bishop says heʻs a lucky guy, so naturally we wanted to find out why. And when we arrived, it was all too obvious. Dannyʻs a modern guy who lives by ancient values of Old Hawaii in a place of incredible beauty where you can feel the ancestorʻs presence and time just seems to stand still. Donʻt miss our incredible visit with Danny, but be warned - youʻll wish you were this lucky too.

A Life Of Humility - A Visit With Kahu Bruce Keaulani

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How do you know when you have a purpose in life thatʻs larger than you? And what do you do when you realize that purpose isnʻt just about you but involves serving all of mankind? These are some of the questions we asked Kahu Bruce in our amazing visit with him which we will long remember. Join us as Bruce Keaulani explains how he helps people to live again by putting them back on the path of light.

A Hand Up - A Visit With Twinkle Borge

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A hand up, not a hand out is what Twinkle Borge, leader at Puuhonua o Waianae offers those who come to her for help. One of Oahuʻs largest encampments for houseless individuals, Puuhonua o Waianae is a safe haven for those living on the street yet want to recover their lives and re-enter society. As someone formerly living on the street herself, itʻs no wonder sheʻs helped countless others to get back on their feet. Join us in our amazing visit at Puuhonua o Waianae and youʻll see why Twinkle Borge inspires others to become successful every day of their lives.

A Gun To The Head - A Visit With Kyle Kajihiro

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Not many people know that Hawaii is one of the most militarized pieces of real estate on earth. Even fewer are aware that Pearl Harbor, known anciently as Keawalau O Puuloa, was once one of the largest food producing complexes in the entire Pacific. And thatʻs only part of what we learned from our tour with long-time peace and justice activist Kyle Kajihiro. Donʻt miss one of our most amazing interviews yet as Kyle shows us what this “Pearl Of The Pacific” once was and could be again.

COVID-19 Community Report January 19, 2021 - Erin Donley Marineau, Tree Davis

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode #48 - January 19, 2021

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