In The Studio - Healthy Holiday Eating For All Ages

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Kristin Trent interviews Salvador Ramirez, Executive Director of Yolo Farm to Fork. Discussing healthy eating habits during the holidays, Ramirez shares his own experience with healthy eating, advice for a healthier holiday season, and recipe ideas.  

Yolo Farm to Fork

Recorded 12/1/23

In the Studio - On-Demand Barbers

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Jeff Shaw hosts Kyle Parker who is the founder and CEO of ClipDart. He spoke about why ClipDart was started and their mission to improve mental wellness through selfless, mobile hairstylists and barbers. Kyle discussed the launch of their iOS ClipDart app, and the android version coming soon. The app was build by barbers for barbers with trust and safety in mind, and he gave details about how the app works. 

Recorded 1/28/22

How to Make a Community Garden for Everyone

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How To Make A Community Garden For Everyone

Sandpoint, Idaho’s incredible community garden flourishes and nourishes the local community in many ways.

Here’s how you to can create a beautiful bountiful community garden and also a wonderful garden at home.


Let Food Be Your Medicine

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Why do vegetarians live longer? What risks are involved in eating meat? And what, actually, is in our food...? In this program a team of competent experts comprised of physicians and nutritionists speak about issues concerning nutrition and health.