Palms Movie Project

"The Closing of the Palms Playhouse"

a film by Alvin Remmers


About The Film

The last six weeks of the Palms Playhouse's existence (Jun-Aug 2002) is documented with recorded performances and interviews of musicians, patrons, reporters, and media personalities throughout Northern California. It endeavors to capture the spirit of the Palms through personal interviews that reveal the heart of what made the Palms unique and the ways in which it was viewed as utterly irreplaceable. Contemporary interviews reveal the still palpable sense of loss and add a historical context to the film.

The Production

I will be conducting interviews from late February, intermittently, thru late May 2015 to conclude principal photography on the film. Interviews will be conducted with people familiar with the Palms' origins as a playhouse-in-the-rough - some of the original members of the Bad Actors acting troupe - as well as musicians and patrons regarding its music venue history and heritage.

Post Production

Post on the 2002 footage is currently on-going. I hope to have a rough cut incorporating the 2015 footage finished by the end of June and a final cut by early August. I expect the final film to be between 90 and 120 minutes in length.

World Premiere

A premiere screening will take place at The Davis Varsity Theatre, 616 Second St. in downtown Davis, as a benefit for Davis Media Access. I'm targeting the premiere for August 23rd, thirteen years to the day of the final show at the Palms Playhouse. 

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Closing the Palms Playhouse - the End of an Era in Davis

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This film documents the life of the Palms Playhouse, the Davis, California-located theater in the rough - housed in an old barn - that became a legendary roots music venue. Filmed in 2002, 2008 and 2015-16, plus archival footage, the film traces the Palms' history - organically grown out of the incredible energies of a troupe of creative artists, to the dynamics of its gradual evolution from musical farces and Shakespeare to presenting national and international touring bands and performers.