In The Studio - 2016

Shows are produced by volunteers under the supervision of Davis Media Access staff.

In The Studio profiles various non-profits, individuals, and events from the Davis Community.

In The Studio - ESTEME

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Emily Merten hosts Elyse Towns, Doug Gettel, and Samantha Feng, Co-leads of ESTEME.

topics discussed include: Equity in STEM and Entrepreneurship (ESTEME), the organization's role in promoting equity in their fields, equity, self-esteem, ESTEME events, STEM fields, and grad school influences on future STEM members.

Recorded: 05/19/16

In The Studio - SacSings! 2016

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Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts David Loofbourrow, Program Producer/Director for SacSings!.

topics discussed include: why the choral festival was created, what they've learned & how it has changed from the past 2 years, who will participate & the different types of choral music that will be heard, the 4 different shows offered throughout the weekend, April 23rd + 24th, 2016.

Recorded 04/14/16.