In The Studio - 2021

Episodes of In The Studio from the year 2021.

Shows are produced by both staff and volunteers under the supervision of Davis Media Access staff.

In The Studio profiles various non-profits, individuals, and events in Yolo County.

In The Studio - Growing Whole Children in the Garden

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Autumn Labbe- Renault interviews Lorie Hammond, Author and Alexandra Hammond, Illustrator of the book Growing Whole Children in the Garden.

Topics discussed: describe Peregrine School, how the idea for the book came along, the process of mother-daughter collaboration, what the book is about, and what they hope the book accomplishes/who it reaches.

Recorded 03/10/2021

In The Studio - Bike Garage Comes to Davis

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Jeff Shaw hosts Maria Contreras Tebbutt, Founder, The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage.

topics discussed include: idea and services offered, location and times of the new Bike Garage location in Davis: 1500 Cannery Ave, At the Cannery East of the Barn Wed 2-5pm (Summer 9-Noon) & Saturday 9-Noon, importance of biking.

In The Studio - Climate-ready Landscaping

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Erin Donley Marineau, Executive Director of Tree Davis.

topics discussed include: what is a climate-ready landscaping and how trees are an important component, using a variety of tree species, collaboration with City of Davis and CalFire on 40 year master plan, how you can get a free tree and advice, the Davis Great Tree Search, the Tree Davis Memorial Grove, and the May 1st Celebration of Lois Wolk.

Recorded 02/09/21.