Yolo YoYo's Promotional Appearances

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Get more information about the Yolo YoYo’s or please contact Chris Hennessy – producer/director http://www.cvc-video.com 408-568-9330 chrishennessyfilms@gmail.com Davis TV Channel 15 (DCTV-15) Instagram @yoloyoyoswoodland FaceBook fb.me/yoloyoyos YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-OaTpOIePto8biyYPji29w
Producer/Director/Creator Chris Hennessy The Yolo YoYo’s are: Macey Davison Josie Gibbs Chris Hennessy Hannah Hennessy Allison Hulbert Milea Johnson Ella Townsend editors - Chris Hennessy Jordan River Music by - Conscious Souls “My Time to Shine” Written By Conscious Souls Produced By Sunstroke Entertainment Logo Bunny O’Brian Graphix