UCD Emeriti - Donald C. Swain

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Professor Emeritus, Donald C. Swain, studied 20th Century American History, however, early in his career he went into Administration. He was Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, then Vice President of the University. He then became President of the University of Kentucky.

Interviewed by Wilson Smith, Professor Emeritus of History.

Recorded 07/26/2002.

The Davis Children's Nutcracker 1983

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Before there was Davis Media Access, before there was even Davis Community Television, there was the Davis Community Cable Cooperative.  Here the Co-op presents The Davis Children's Nutcracker.

Digitized from U-Matic tape U-60-0001 by DMA on September 11th, 2015.

Produced by Bob Bowen, this 1983 production of The Nutcracker, features over 200 local Davis children.

Stage Directed by Bob Bowen

Directed by John Reed

Cameras: Kathryn DeVries, Mike Poe, Jim Stinson

Audio: Tom Moore

Engineers: Ken Forsyth, John Keller

Voices Opposing Proposition 54

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Cecilia Escamilia Greenwald speaks with Davis citizens opposed to proposition 54, known as the "Colorblind Initative."

Produced by Tansey Thomas.

featuring Mary Philip, Community Activist & Health Care Activist, Leanne Friedman, Member of the Interfaith Forum on Racism, Terry Turner, Chair YCCAA & Educator, Grace Kim, Davis Asians for Racial Equality, and Jim Cramer, UCD Professor of Sociology.

Production Assistant Dr. Luke Kim.

Edited by Alicia Peterson.

Recorded 2003.

Digitized from Tape S-0902, 02/15/19.