Retracing the 1897 Expedition of the Bicycle Corps - Buffalo Soldiers

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Retracing the 1897 Expedition of the Bicycle Corps - Buffalo Soldiers.

Erick Cedeño, aka the Bicycle Nomad, retraced the route and history of the All-Black, bicycle-mounted 25th Infantry in 2022.

After the Civil War, in an experiment by the U.S. Army to determine the effectiveness of moving troops by bicycle, the all-Black 25th Infantry Regiment Bicycle Corps was commissioned to embark on an expedition nearly 2,000 miles from Missoula, Montana, to St. Louis, Missouri. 

Erick spoke at the UC Bicycling Hall of Fame on Thursday, May 18th, 2023.

Pieter's and Frank's Doowop Party Concert for Watermelon Music

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Pieter's and Frank's Doowop Party Concert for Watermelon Music.  May 26 ,2023 at the Melon Ball, Davis, CA.  

Featuring -  Davis Local Vocals: Ruby Schwerin, Charlotte Del Favero, Matt Vallero, Evie Barnett, Clara Skinner, Director- Krissy Schwerin; Zest: Michael Chulada, Earl Byron, Spetta Brunn, Paola Francesco, Erie Vitiello; Frank Fox and Friends: Dianna Craig, Bill Cavins,  and Chris Sanborn; Tune Up: Laine Suarez, Bill Cavins and Dianna Craig.  

In The Studio - The Pros of Poetry

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Host Tim Gaffaney talked with poetry impresario Andy Jones. They discussed what inspired him to love poetry, what it uniquely expresses verse prose, poetry as a cultural resource, what it adds to the community, what the current appetite for poetry is, why that has changed and the elements that have helped it grow. They also talked about Poetry Night held the first and third Thursday of every month at the John Natsoulas Gallery.

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Recorded 7/20/2023

Dumpster Diving Disruptors

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Host Hanna Nakano talks with the Co-Founders of Community Merchantile, Stephanie Koop and Larry Fisher. They discussed how the merccantile got started and how they became partners. The focus that each brings to the business, the goals of putting goods back into the community, the kinds of things they are finding, plans for growing the mercantile with offerings of a tool lending library, workshops and classes, and volunteering opportunities.

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Recorded 7/17/23

In The Studio - Davis is Dancing

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Linda Bair the artistic director of the Linda Bair Dance Company. They discussed how she got into dance and her discovery of modern dance. They talked about how she made the leap from a passion to forming her own company, as well as the challenges of running a company, how she creates dances, how the pandemic affected dance and what lies in the company's future.

Recorded 6/12/2023