10 Minutes on Topic - Voter Accessibility Committee

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Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Maria Coronel, Outreach Specialist with Yolo County Elections. The interview profiles the work of the recently formed Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC) and Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC) meeting in Yolo County. Also discussed: the Voter Choice Act/Redistricting and its impact on Voter Assistance Centers for the June and November 2022 elections, and efforts to recruit diverse poll workers.


Recorded 11/18/21

10 Minutes on Topic - Davis Sustainability and Resiliency Campaign

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Cool Davis is recruiting a team to re-envision a household greenhouse gas reduction campaign that reaches a broader Davis audience with the message of a resilient future for all. Campaign Manager Leslie Crenna outlines why the campaign’s mission is important, and how community members can participate in a special Cool Davis task force to plan and launch a broad-appeal, community-driven household greenhouse gas reductions campaign. #climatecrisis #greenhousereductions #communitycampaigns #resilience #davisca #yolocounty #communitymedia

10 Minutes on Topic - Sustainable Groundwater in Yolo County

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Kristin Sicke, Executive Officer for the Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency, discusses the state of groundwater in Yolo County. Her agency exists because of 2014 legislation enacted by then-California Gov. Jerry Brown, which recognized that groundwater management is best managed locally. Discussion centers on a current community input process as the YGSA works to meet the State’s Jan. 31, 2022 deadline for developing a groundwater management plan. #groundwater #subbasin #yolocounty #communitymedia


In The Studio - Zombie Bike Parade '21

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Host Bryce Parker talked with Aaron Wedra, zombie bike committee chair about the 3rd annual Zombie Bike Parade on Halloween day. Topics discussed include the history and growth of the event, a preview of the entertainment and grand finale, what is new this year, the route, and how the event has adapted to keep everyone safe due to the pandemic.


Recorded 10/8/21

In The Studio - Resilient Yolo

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The Resilient Yolo planning group is built around the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, with goals to build awareness about childhood trauma and create methods to improve the lives of at-risk youth. Susan Jones joins Autumn Labbe-Renault for a discussion about educating people in Yolo County, CA, about adverse childhood experience (ACEs), and an upcoming community summit focused on health equity, resilience from trauma, and improved community outcomes.

#resilientyolo #ACES #healthequity #resilience #communityoutcomes #communitymedia #DavsC #yolocounty

In The Studio - "Red Altar" History Unit

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The recent uptick in violence against people of Asian and Pacific Island (API) heritage, while of deep concern, is hardly new. A look at what grade-school children are taught--and not taught--about the history of racial intolerance for API groups is instructive. Retired teacher and racial justice activist Alexandra Lee-Jobe joins Autumn Labbe-Renault for a discussion about the need for Ethnic Studies in general, and the "Red Altar" project and curriculum in particular. #API #ethnicstudies #DEI #schools #communitymedia #DavisCA #yolocounty

In The Studio - Day of Duty

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Host Jeff Shaw talks with Kyle Parker who is the founder and CEO of ClipDart. He talked about his background, why he started ClipDart and the mission to help neighbors in need who want to look their best, and contribute to their mental wellness. Also discussed are services offered which include an app for on-demand mobile barbers, plus the upcoming event Day of Duty, which will  offer barbering, free food, clothing, school supplies, and support services.


Recorded 9/30/21

In The Studio - Yolo Conflict Resolution Center

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Host Jeff Shaw talks with  Kara Hunter, Executive Director of the Yolo Conflict Resolution Center. They discussed the services that are offered including restorative justice, conflict resolution and skills workshops, anger management, where referrals come from, how the pandemic has affected services and the successes they have seen through these programs. 


Recorded 9/30/2021

10 Minutes on Topic - ARP Funding in Davis

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In the inaugural episode of “10 Minutes on Topic,” Davis Vice Mayor Lucas Frerichs and Councilmember Will Arnold discuss the particulars of American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding coming to the City of Davis. Discussion includes when, how much, and a sense of priorities and concerns as the City works with these unprecedented funds.

#communitymedia #ARP #pandemic  #citycouncil #davisca

Recorded 9/17/21