Davisville October 12, 2020 - Davis Shakespeare, the pandemic, and Frankenstein

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If 2020 had been normal, my plan was to talk about Frankenstein, which the Davis Shakespeare Festival was going to present this fall until the pandemic killed off in-person performances. Rob Salas, co-artistic director and co-founder of the festival, is my guest today, and we still talk about the play by Nick Dear, which is based on the book by Mary Shelley and presents a creature very different than the “green skin and neckbolts” image of the monster in the 1930s movie.

Davisville November 23, 2020 - Movies and the pandemic, with Davis critic Derrick Bang

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Even though the pandemic has closed theaters in Davis for most of 2020, we’re still presenting our annual movie show with Davis film critic Derrick Bang—even if only to learn what has survived the dislocations of the year. Derrick writes reviews for the Davis Enterprise and his blog, Derrick Bang on Film. We talk about how the pandemic has affected movie-making and his job as a critic, the films still coming out at what would normally be a big time of the year and films he’s looking forward to.

The Connie Bryan Show - Stop the Steal Protest - SPECIAL REPORT

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This powerful mini-documentary is an election SPECIAL REPORT episode of "The Connie Bryan Show"...Connie takes you live to the state capitol of California for the first "STOP THE STEAL" protest event on Saturday November 7th. The event was huge, and Connie interviewed many Americans of all diversities, from both the Democrat and Republican party, who shared their disgust and patriotic anger regarding the blatant massive voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

Kim Stanley Robinson's "The Ministry for the Future"

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Lin Weaver interviews science fiction legend, Kim Stanley Robinson, about his latest novel, "The Ministry for the Future"

Topics include a discussion on how changing climate brings devastation, suffering, and death; and what a transnational agency (the Ministry for the Future) is doing to combat those woes.

In The Studio - DSAF - Art Boxes!

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Lorraine Visher, Board President of the Davis School Arts Foundation.


topics discussed include: the history of DSAF and what they do, how Lorraine got involved and her background, the Art Kits and the goals of the project, the importance of arts education, how you can donate to help the project, ideas for the future and potential expansion of the project, the Sing-a-long component, and after the credits some thoughts about digital arts.

Recorded 11/20/20.

Davisville September 28, 2020 - Davis housing, 6 months into the pandemic

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On today’s Davisville we talk with Steve and Kit Boschken, Davis real estate experts and the owners of Boschken Properties, about the housing market in Davis this fall. Today's topics follow up our talk with Steve Boschken last May, and include apartment vacancies, the thin supply of homes for sale, rising home prices, the pandemic, unhealthy air from the wildfires, rents, buyers, trends, interest rates, lasting impacts, and not knowing when students will be able to resume in-person classes at UC Davis.

50th State Fraud - A Visit With Professor Williamson Chang

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Imagine the surprise University Of Hawaii Professor Williamson Chang got when he discovered the US has been using sleight of hand all these years to claim Hawaii as the 50th state. He found that not only was there never a treaty of annexation, but the US never named a single Hawaiian island in legal documents to acquire Hawaii as a territory or when the so-called statehood vote occurred in 1959. To his amazement, Professor Chang even found records of US senators discussing their cover up and their efforts to make it all look legit.

COVID-19 Community Report November 17, 2020

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode #42 - November 17, 2020

This is a video made using the audio content from the KDRT 95.7 LP-FM show, found here:


See link above for show content details.

hosted by Autumn Labbe-Renault, Exectutive Director of Davis Media Access, on KDRT 95.7 LP-FM. Tuesdays, Noon-12:30pm.

The Connie Bryan Show - Nov'20

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On this very hard hitting November 2020 episode, Connie shoots the show live at California's STATE CAPITOL, calling out Governor Gavin Newsom's abuse of authority and massive constitutional overreach, most recently with his INSANE THANKSGIVING 'NAZI RESTRICTIONS', showing himself to be one of the leading 'Marxist threats' taking over the Democratic Party today.