The Connie Bryan Show - May'20

Featuring what the mainstream media has tried to hide from the public in their excessive hype of the novel coronavirus...This May 2020 edition of "The Connie Bryan Show" begins with a brief montage of powerful video clips featuring top medical experts from Stanford University, and also Dr. Johan Giesecke, a world renown leading epidemiologist in Sweden (currently serving as advisor to the Director of the World Health Organization), all of whom have been ACTIVELY IGNORED by the Left wing media...These leading experts detail and explain the real facts, data and mounting evidence that the coronavirus death rate is only comparable to the 'SEASONAL FLU VIRUS', and IS NOT TEN TIMES DEADLIER than the flu, as the mainstream media has dishonestly hyped in order to generate a 'pandemic of panic' in our nation and the world as a whole. This episode also features a very funny special appearance by “ELMO” from “ELMO’S WORLD”, angry at how the media is needlessly scaring children and making them afraid to go outside and play. The "Elmo" sketch is followed by Connie’s live in studio segment dealing with the very disturbing, dangerous and often intentionally dishonest HYPE by the Left wing media in their coronavirus coverage, that has sought to unnecessarily create a nationwide ‘PANIC-DEMIC’, all stemming from a growing INHUMAN, anti-social, anti-privacy and anti-Democratic ‘population control agenda’.

28 min 30 sec
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